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Dias Entertainment is a production company based out of Greenwich, CT founded by Gabriela Dias in 2016. Dias Entertainment focuses on innovative concepts with a fresh approach and is dedicated to the creation of works in the realms of film, television, VOD, and more. 


Our team develops and produces content for the American, South American and European markets and is recognized as a reliable, trustworthy timely source of advice and information for clients and their production needs. High quality and well-calculated results are what we aim for. Furnished with solid connections, vast experience and personalized campaign production strategies, we always meet our mark. Our connections and experience are the heart of our business.


With the prominent “Times Up” movement, it proves that sexism is still an ongoing issue in the filmmaking industry. Our goal is to address gender disparity within the entertainment industry and create a new pipeline to expand creative opportunity to empower female filmmakers. With this power restored women will gain the confidence to successfully engage directly with their audiences and conquer a male-dominated field of work.

Women are a staple for increasing the economy by providing power and influence. Although most women are qualified to work in higher fields such as filmmaking, only a few are acknowledged and hired. With this in mind, we can use this opportunity to create a space for female filmmakers to utilize their voices by speaking directly to their audiences and let their artistic work speak for itself. The Dias Entertainment’s mission is to cultivate and amplify the careers of women in the entertainment industry and our focus is to empower women by becoming a female driven company. We can achieve the odds because anything is possible and our time is now.

The Team

The People of Dias Entertainment

Gabriela Naumnik
Director of Development 


Gabriela Naumnik has a B.S. degree in Interactive Media and Business from New York University Shanghai. While in New York, she also minored in Producing as well as Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology. She gained a global experience in the entertainment and media industry while working with multiple companies in the United States, China, Poland and France. She’s also got a flair for recognizing and creating great stories: her first film production won at the International Filmmaker Festival of New York and her first book became a finalist in the best thriller category at 2017 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Awards. 

Gabriela Dias

President, CEO & Producer

​Gabriela Dias of Brazilian origin with a lifetime of international influence and success has worked on television throughout Europe, USA, and South America ranging from participating in several TV shows, and soap operas to appearing in Hollywood productions that allowed her to work with the likes of Antoine Fuqua, Penélope Cruz, Devon Dickson, Deborah Aquila, Ben Hoffman, Jessica Biel, Francis O’Conner, Alfred Molina, Kaya Scodelario, Jimmi Simpson, among others.

Guadalupe Lazcano 

COO & Public Relations Director

Born in Mexico, and raised in the states. Guadalupe has always been passionate about brainstorming, creating, and exploring new ideas. She is responsible for the day-to-day leadership and general management, marketing, public relations, communications and business development efforts of the company. Guadalupe assists with production needs, development of staff plans, scopes of work, timelines and budgets.

Paula Bolzan

Paula Bolzan was born and raised in the New York metropolitan area and her family comes from the beautiful state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Growing up with two distinct cultures, Paula has grown to love and appreciate diversity. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Nyack College. Writing is her hobby, music is her passion and helping others brings her joy. As a new member of this team, Paula hopes to implement creative ideas and more. 

Celeste Burnett 

Administrative Assistant


Celeste Burnett is a driven youthful soul, that brings a lot of diversity and modern ideals to the table. Growing up in middle-class America, it taught her to stand her ground, overcome adversity, and more importantly respect herself in a society that presumes the opposite. Celeste continues to defy the odds and is ready to take on anything that comes her way.

Nayla Rodrigues 




Nayla is a multi-disciplined strategic professional with 10+ years of marketing and public relations experience. Nayla has a bachelor’s in Advertising from Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, a Marketing MBA from Getúlio Vargas Foundation and she also studied Advanced Strategies in Integrated Marketing Communications at New York University.

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