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Packaging and Distribution:

Dias Entertainment offers a broad range of distribution techniques, efficiently designed and integrated with downstream partners

  • File distribution via Aspera or Signiant

  • AWS S3 media packages

  • FTP technologies with smart tracking

  • MRSS Posting & Media Feed Distribution - File posting to white listed URLs, with data shared via a Feed XML

  • Physical Distribution - Drives, DVDs, even 1” tape - whatever it takes to handle the job

  • Digital Cinema Package (DCP) - Ultra-high bitrate package for theatrical distribution

  • Digital Production Partnership (DPP) - Ultra-high bitrate package for Broadcaster distribution




Dias Entertainment supports asset package management and hosting to and on various retail platforms

  • Posting - Asset package management to customer’s CDN for streaming

  • Hosting - Utilize Dias Entertainment’s CDN for streaming your titles or virtual channel

  • Ad Decisioning - Solutions for selecting targeted ads



  • Dias Entertainment partners with  iTunes, and we aggregate great content for all leading Digital platforms including Google, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu, Fandango, Redbox, Pluto TV, Tubi, Hoopla, Xumo and others

    • Our expert team has been licensing film, music and TV for decades, and we maintain strong relationships with global platform partners

    • We will guide you through the process of licensing to premium, subscription, advertising or transactional VOD platforms

    • We handle all licensing and metadata management to ensure your product is available for viewers on your timeline


  • The best way to drive adoption of your content on iTunes

    • iTunes Extras – Creation of materials for iTunes promotional use


Data Services: 


Usage & Royalty Reporting

  • PayPanel is our intuitive on-line tool that tracks and reports on licensed content across digital platforms

  • Real time insights into product performance across platforms and territories

  • Data driven decisions made easy

Asset State Tracking & Reporting

  • Our unified dashboard tracks content package processing and delivery throughout the supply chain - enabling prompt awareness and proactive issue resolution

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