Dona Maria Benvinda Silva (2018)

Digital Documentary   | 

GDF #GivingTuesday Campaign | 

5 M | 

Brazilian Portuguese  | 

Produced for The Gabriela Dias Foundation | 

Director Gabriela Dias | 

Meet Dona Maria Benvinda Silva and her family!
Francissco Vierira da silva (nicknamed Dodô) is the son of Dona Maria Benvinda Silva. He was born on August 1st, 2008. Dodô is a very special child that needs daily attention; a few years ago he couldn’t event walk. He was born with mental problems due to Microephaly. Microephaly is a disorder of neurological origin in which the circumference of the skull and the size of the brain are smaller than expected for babies of the same size and age. It is not a disease but it has common conditions with other mental and cognitive disabilities. Dodô can walk and even talk with the help of his teachers but Dodô still struggles on a day-to-day basis. Thankfully, the Gabriela Dias Foundation provides the care and attention to all children, from the average child to a child with disability. No child is left out because we care for all.
Laureana Araújo silva sitting next to Dodô in the photo is the daughter of Maria and has the same condition as her brother. Their family have great financial difficulty, which makes treatment and purchasing food very difficult and sometimes, impossible. The art program allows Dodô and Laureana to expand mentally and grow socially.